Updated Terraria 1.4.4 to endgame, taking “fun suggestions”

Development of the Terraria 1.4.4 Labor of Love update is now “endgame” according to lead developer Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks – but the game creator says that while the team is done taking serious suggestions, “for fun, suggestions are always welcome as usual. The next major update for one of the best crafting games is the biggest since the Journey’s End update which was supposed to be the latest, and it looks set to lessen your need for some of the best Terraria mods that worked around previous issues.

The Labor of Love patch promises to add a huge wealth of quality of life changes to the sandbox game – some of the highlights being the addition of Terraria gear loadouts and a small but significant change ending corrupt misfortunes of the Terraria jungle. It sees almost all of your inventory stacks drop from a cap of 999 to 9999, which translates to a huge expansion of Terraria’s inventory.

Now, it looks like the update is about to arrive. Spinks, who enjoys interacting with and often teasing the game’s playerbase, continued to release small snippets alongside the rest of the Re-Logic development team. In response to a player requesting a fix for a long-standing background visual issue, Spink’s remarks“I don’t remember, but I think we fixed that early in this update.”

Spinks also threatened that the game’s notorious clown was given a buff – many years ago, the bewilderingly cheerful enemy dropped bombs that could destroy blocks (including those in your carefully constructed house), before being nerfed. This has led some players to speculate that the Nightmare feature will return. Spinks also responded to a question about the doors saying, rather contemplatively, “I think we can use more door types in general, especially the larger ones.”

In addition to Twitter, Spinks has also been active on the game’s subreddit, confirming that some popular fan requests will be included, such as the Digging Molecart obtained earlier in game progression when more useful. In more aesthetic news, Spinks exhibited that glowing mushrooms will now emit light that matches the color they are painted on, and that they will match the color of the grass they are growing on. He still won’t reveal what the new secret of the angel statue is, however.

Spinks even laughs at his expense over a humorous comment from leading Terraria YouTuber ChippyGaming, who remarks, “No more suggestions for 1.4.4 – only for 1.5”, implying that the team can never let the lie game. In response, Jokes“Ah yes, 1.5 the long-awaited final update”, referring to the many earlier versions that were labeled as such.

If you’re thinking of going back for 1.4.4, check out our Terraria Happiness Guide to understand how the Pylon system works, and our Terraria Bosses Guide to walk you through the many stages of fighting the Lord of the Happiness. Moon. If you haven’t checked out the upcoming Starlight River mod which adds a controllable Death Star laser among many other additions, be sure to give it a look as well.

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