Valorant developers respond to new skin pack dubbed “pay to lose” on FPS drops


The release of the Valorant RGX 11z Pro skin pack with patch 3.07 caused a stir. Dubbed the ‘pay to lose skins’, players experience in-game FPS drops while using the new cosmetics.

Inspired by in-game hardware, the RGX 11z pack is the latest skin to join Valorant’s vast collection.

Including all-new features such as an elimination counter, as well as responsive weapon buddies and color changes on various weapons, the latest pack is the first of its kind.

Although with the arrival of the pack with Valorant patch 3.07, there were some in-game performance issues with skins now labeled “pay to lose” as players experience frame rate drops when playing. they use them.

The announcement of the bundle generated hype in the community, but the release was met with disappointed gamers. Immediately, we saw reports of performance issues pouring in on social media, and a post on Valorant’s subreddit highlighting the issues climbed to the top.

More and more players started pouring in with their experiences, even Valorant pro Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan tweeted that he was getting 100 FPS less using the new Vandal skin.

A Riot developer has since responded to the reports, revealing in a Reddit comment that an investigation is underway that will determine if a fix is ​​needed.

“We are investigating the full severity of this and will determine if we fix this issue or release an update in the next fix. We will make sure to communicate what we decide to do.

At this time, there is no ETA on a patch, so players could wait until the next patch on October 19 to take full advantage of the new skins, unless a Riot takes the patch route. We recommend that you do not use in-game skins until performance issues are resolved.


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