Weaver Clues: Tips and Answers for August 19 Word Game

For fans of Wordle and the trickier Quordle, there is a new play on words on the block, you might want to try.

The last daily puzzle to make people scratch their heads is Weaverfirst created by novelist Lewis Carroll on The day of Christmas in 1877.

By taking this original idea and bringing it into the 21st century, it has now been computerized and turned into an online challenge to help you practice your verbal skills and exercise your brain.

How to Play Weaver Word Game

The puzzle invites you to work your way from the seed word until the last word. When creating each new word you enter, you can only change one letter of the word above it.

The game will only accept words in its dictionary and in a style similar to Wordle, when you add a new word all the letters in the correct place will turn green.

A new puzzle is available every day and the game stores your stats so it can get quite addictive.

After completing a game, a panel will appear telling you what the optimal score for that game is and how you compared it, along with a running total of puzzles you’ve solved, your current streak, and your longest streak.

To create suspense, it also displays a countdown indicating when your next puzzle will be available.

Weaver Responds Today – Friday August 19th

If you’re desperate to salvage your streak or want to get closer to the optimal score, here are some tips to help you reach your goal.

Keep scrolling until you have solved the puzzle or need the final answer.

Starting word of the day: PALM
Index 1
Change the P to H to create HALM
(scroll down for next hint)

Index 2
Change the A to E to create HELM
(scroll down for next hint)

Index 3
Change the M to D to create HELD
(scroll down for next hint)

Index 4
Change the second L to A to create HEAD
(scroll down for next hint)

Index 5
Change the H to R to create the last word, READ

Puzzle completed. Check back tomorrow if you need help with the following issue Weaver.

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