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Warning: This interview contains spoilers from HBO. Westworld episode 401 “The Augurs”.

It’s a brand new Westworld, and, man, does it seem peaceful since Maeve and Caleb released the predictive AI computer Rehoboam last season. Dolores even helped, sacrificing her life.

So, let’s let everyone know what happened tonight:


The Man in Black by Ed Harris aka William walks around like he has his own mind and a lot of power. But, remember, Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) killed what appeared to be a human version of him in the Season 3 finale and sent a host of guys out into the world. The MIB wants to buy a dam from a drug cartel. He makes them an offer they can’t refuse, yet they first refuse: Sell it today, “or you’ll give it to me for nothing tomorrow,” MIB tells Arturo Del Puerto’s cartel guy . “What I want is already in there. It was stolen from one of my facilities eight years ago, and I know you were paid handsomely to store it,” MIB told him, “I can’t encrypt it. I don’t want him moved or disturbed, so I’ll take the whole shebang.

Later, Del Puerto’s character, who refused to sell the dam, is swarmed by flies in his room and knocked unconscious. The next day, he wakes up and tells his boss (Alex Fernandez) and his buddies about MIB’s offer. They laugh. Del Puerto’s character pulls out a knife and kills them. He then meets MIB on the dam bridge, and agrees to sell him the book. “Is my job done?” he asks. “Yeah, you can rest now,” MIB replies before the guy slits his throat.

Westworld Season 4 Evan Rachel Wood


There’s Dolores… but it’s not Dolores. Rather, Christina, performed by Evan Rachel Wood. She’s a love-loving, hard-working single girl from the city, who works in a fancy office where she writes 3D game stories for people. She lives with a roommate, played by Oscar-winning actress Ariana DeBose, who continues to encourage Christina to go out and date her. However, the stories that Christina writes seem to have an impact on mainstream outside audiences, and not in a good way. She wants to write more romantic plots for young teenagers, i.e. a teenager living with her father in the countryside (it sounds a lot like the story of Dolores in the western; “Scratch that”, says Christina) . However, her boss doesn’t want her sweet stories, but rather sex, violence and tragedy. Meanwhile, Christina receives disturbing phone calls from a guy who claims his scheming forced him to lose his job and his wife. He blames the tower, which is presumably the building she works in. We later learn that this guy’s name is Peter. He goes to assault Christina after a date, cutting her with a knife before being overpowered by a mysterious guy on the street. At the end of the episode, we learn that it was James Marsden who protected Christina. In previous seasons, Marsden played cowboy Teddy Flood, a host who always had a crush on Dolores at the Delos Westworld theme park. The next day, after meeting Christina, Peter phones her and says, “It’s just up to me, or did you write that too?” before jumping off a building to his death in front of her.

Westworld season 3


Maeva (Thandiwe Newton) lives in the woods, hiding in a cabin after winning the revolution at the end of season 3. But she learns that hosts are coming for her. She pulls them out, cutting off one of their heads. She plugs into it and learns that MIB/William is behind it all. It is time for her to return to the world.

Westworld season 3 trailer (Credit: HBO)


Caleb (Aaron Paul). Although he helped Maeve win the war, he’s back in the build, but not alongside a robot like last season, but a real human. Robots, we learn, are just junk now. “Has your life changed since they destroyed those machines?” asks Caleb’s colleague. Caleb has a daughter, but he teaches her how to shoot a gun (similar to a BB gun). “Thanks to you, his hobbies are sugar and violence,” Caleb’s wife says of their daughter. Later, an attacker approaches Caleb’s daughter at night. However, the intruder is immediately gutted by Maeve’s samurai sword. “I know who sent these men after us: William. He’s back,” Maeve tells Caleb. She also knows that MIB met a California senator and she wants to find him. Caleb is totally in for it and tells his beloved, who is losing patience with his shenanigans, “I’m the one who brought this to us, and I’m the one who has to end it.”

Here is our conversation with Westworld co-creator, EP and scribe Lisa Joy to explain everything:

Lisa Joy Westworld

Lisa Joy

DEADLINE: How many years after the revolution is this? Is it right after?

Lisa Joy: It’s been over seven years since we’ve seen our characters. There is no more fighting. It’s finish. We skipped the big fight and now we see the aftermath of the fight.

DEADLINE: The Season 4 setup looks like hosts against hosts. You have Charlotte and you know she’s not human, and then you have William who isn’t; he runs the roost. Maeve hides in a cabin, and she gets mugged by security guards who are hosts and she can hack into their brains. So, there seems to be this divide between the hosts.

Lisa Joy: Right. It looks a bit like it. It seems that after Dolores died over seven years ago, she somehow bought freedom for humans from this massive AI, and they somehow became suspicious of general AI. You can see it with Caleb where he refused to work with a robot, and now he’s working with a human, but that doesn’t mean the AI ​​is gone. The remaining hosts clearly did different things. In Maeve’s case, she got it Eat Pray Love Alone time in Alaska, but maybe some of our hosts have teamed up on more infamous shenanigans. I think the question that will emerge this season is after a period of turmoil, once you’ve kind of gained that relaxation, that peace, can it stay, or humans and their sort of heirs in the form of these hosts somehow predestined to always fall into these loops of fracking, fighting, and dividing?

DEADLINE: So with Rehoboam gone and the AI ​​not gone, we’re talking about this tower. Is this the company Evan Rachel Wood’s character works for?

Lisa Joy: I have no idea.

DEADLINE: Okay, but the tower seems to be this new AI because the characters keep saying “the tower makes me do these things”.

Lisa Joy: It just sounds like madness to me.

DEADLINE: Season 3 felt like a reboot in some form. Is season 4 too?

Lisa Joy: I mean, I think we’ve always seen this story unfold in these single chapters, and almost in some ways different genres each season. Like, there’s everything from the character trajectories to the worlds we explore to the moments we explore. We have sought to continue to evolve. So I don’t know if reboot is the right word but you know we’re dealing with the AI ​​and a review of the long range kind of history because of course the AI ​​doesn’t have the same lifespan as humans. So it makes sense to me not to have to do things totally linear in terms of direct take or something like that. And for me, war is brutal, terrible and devastating for all parties. Every war is the result of massive failure on everyone’s part. Besides death and devastation, what really interests me is not war itself because it’s so basic and so sad, but the consequences of war: how humans live with the scars of war , how civilizations recover or reorient themselves, how culture changes. From time to time, people are faced with these kinds of forces of generational change. I think we just went through one ourselves and the question is, well, what’s the next step in human evolution?

DEADLINE: Is this the last season, or does your team see two more seasons, or is it kind of a wait?

Lisa Joy: No. You never want to tempt the TV gods, but (Westworld co-creator) Jonah (Nolan) and I have always had an end in mind that we hope to achieve. We haven’t quite reached it yet.

DEADLINE: And then Dolores. She was eliminated from Rehoboam…

Lisa Joy: Yeah. She is dead.



DEADLINE: It’s Westworld – people can be restarted. There is always a backup. Do we know how she got from the end of Season 3 to now, or will we find out?

Lisa Joy: I mean, she didn’t. Dolores is absolutely dead. Her sacrifice was significant in that it helped bring the world to this place, but it was a sacrifice in that there are no more Dolores. I’m not sure I’d call it a release, but you know, there’s this new character, Christina. We’re just in the game with her as she experiences the city, dates, writes. It’s really nice to be able to not speak entirely in metaphor, to be able to do something contemporary and human, to write roommates, banter, and bad dates. I haven’t been able to do it yet. It’s always been a period piece in Westworld. I wanted a really good actor to play this girl, Christina, and I hope people wouldn’t notice because I changed her hair color, but we just cast Evan again. I think the hair color will fool them. They probably won’t recognize her.

DEADLINE: William feels so alive. We think he is dead, but we have the impression that he is not dead. From his maneuvers, he doesn’t feel like a programmed robot.

Lisa Joy: Unfortunately, he’s what you’ve been watching – the thing William least wanted to be, which was a host. And not only that, but it’s a host on a channel. It’s Hale… you know.

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