What to do after your favorite TV show is over


The show’s creator, David Chase, afflicted a generation of viewers with grave anguish when he chose to end the finale with an ambiguous fade to black, leaving the fate of Tony (James Gandolfini) hanging in the air. The decision was so controversial that some cast members were convinced it was a technical issue.

A scene from the final episode of The Sopranos. The final remains very controversial.Credit:HBO

Anger: “How could it end like this ?!”

This is the stage where your denial turns into simmering rage. You just spent hours of your precious time, only for your favorite show to fall to the final hurdle.

Anger was undoubtedly the dominant emotion in 2019 when Game Of Thrones stumbled to a disappointing ending.

Game of Thrones fans were less than impressed with the epic series finale.

Game of Thrones fans were less than impressed with the epic series finale.Credit:HBO / Helen Sloan

Negotiation: “Please let there be another season? ”


Once the anger subsides you start to hold on to straws, convincing yourself that at this time nothing is ever really finishes.

Yes, you are well aware that this shows as The defeat Where The Underground Railroad were limited series with finals that carefully tied all the details together, but that doesn’t stop you from Google Hail Mary searches.

“Please let there be another season,” you whisper to yourself. The deeper you dig into the search results, the more desperate you become, looking for any sniffs of a spin-off, sequel, or even – gasp! – a Christmas special.

Eventually, you give up and resign yourself to the next best option: hunting down the IMDB profile of the show’s creators and watching everything they’ve ever done.

Depression: “Maybe I’ll read a book. ”

The essence of rock is reading rather than watching.

Acceptance: “Let’s just review Office. ”

Unable to get out of your funk but with your viewing schedule wide open, you decide to lean on an old faithful: Office.

The undisputed king of rewatch, Office (the US version) is the perfect gateway to get you back into the mix.

After reviewing the 201 episodes of Office, you can finally feel at peace with your grief and ready for something new. As Michael Scott helpfully reminds us, “Society teaches us that having feelings and crying is bad and bad. Well, that’s nonsense because grief isn’t bad. There is good sorrow. Just ask Charlie Brown.


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