What’s in store for Terra (LUNA), TRON, Dogecoin, MATIC as expectations rise in the crypto market?

Expectations continue to rise in the cryptocurrency market as most digital assets persisted in range trading on September 17th. Bitcoin has traded between $ 46,705 and $ 48,825 over the past few days and appears to be preparing for a move one way or another.

For Crypto Analyst, Michael Van de Poppe “The market is going to explode, this is what it looks like”.

Expectations for the Altcoin market are not lower as the “Alsaison” narrative has become important in discussions across space. Since the previous month, the prices of alternative cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed, with projects such as Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), Terra (LUNA), Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Gala (GALA) reaching new historic peaks.

As the debate over whether or not the market sees an Altseason continues, one telltale sign is a sideways trade in Bitcoin and subsequent decline in Bitcoin’s dominance. At the time of publication, Bitcoin’s dominance rate was teetering at 41.71%, while Bitcoin traded at $ 48,249, up 2% on the day.

What’s in store for Terra (LUNA), TRON, Dogecoin, MATIC?

Terra (LUNA)
On September 17, Terra Network announced the launch of the Wormhole Token Bridge, which will enable cross-chain asset transfers across Ethereum, Solana, Terra, and Binance Chain. Starting with Ethereum and Solana, the token bridge aims to fuel the growth and decentralization of the Solana ecosystem by bringing more ETH liquidity between the chains.

Another event on the radar is the Columbus-5 mainline which will be deployed at a block height of 4,724,000, roughly equivalent to the following times: September 29 at 8:30 p.m. PST, September 30 at 03:30 UTC and 12:30 p.m. KST respectively.

Chain analytics, Messari seems quite optimistic about the two events, saying: ” … With the commissioning of Columbus-5 and Wormhole V2 in the coming weeks, UST’s growth is likely to accelerate, which will allow it to challenge DAI for the top spot among decentralized Stablecoins ”.

Terra (LUNA) was trading at $ 35.02 at time of publication.

On September 17, TRON announced the launch of Valkyrie TRON Trust with its strategic partner Valkyrie Funds Investments. The latter is a US-based investment firm specializing in digital and crypto assets, providing investors with exposure to digital assets through trust funds, and has thus far launched the Bitcoin, TRON, Polkadot trust funds. and Algorand.

Valkyrie TRON Trust is the first in a series of institutional-grade fund offerings to come to the world for the TRON crypto ecosystem. It is expected to start with $ 55 million in assets under management when inception, with a plan to file a U.S. listing in 2022.

This move aims to expand and strengthen the TRON ecosystem, providing investors with increased exposure to the TRX asset. On the same day, the network also announced a strategic partnership between Apenft and tronmeebits.
Tronmeebits is the first NFT 3D character project from the TRON channel, scheduled for release with a total mintage of 20,000 coins.

TRX was trading at $ 0.1055 at the time of publication.

Dogecoin (DOGE)
In early July, Gary Lachance created the idea for the Million DOGE nightclub, a blockchain-based game that rewards players with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and dogecoins. The creator of the game also aimed to unify humanity by using public dance parties and Doge memes, also with the “the day of world peace”, an upcoming Dogecoin virtual convention scheduled for September 21.

Dogecoin is currently waiting for a bullish catalyst for its price, as it has consolidated around $ 0.23 to $ 0.26 since September 7th. “Flash crash”.

Polygon (MATIC)
Recently, news broke that Big Four consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) will use Polygon’s protocol and framework to deploy its EY blockchain products on the Ethereum blockchain.

Apart from that, an upcoming Bitfinex listing hopes to increase the accessibility of Polygon (MATIC) among traders. However, MATIC remains stuck in range trading while waiting for the next major move. A Twitter trader notes:

“$ MATIC is still consolidating but looking to make a decision soon, worth storing, its next move will be important.” “

MATIC was trading at $ 1.37 at the time of publication.

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