WTC final: Jamieson’s size will pose a different challenge for Indian drummers, says Agarkar

Former Indian coach Ajit Agarkar highlighted the number of challenges the team led by Virat Kohli will face in the first World Test Championship (WTC) final against New Zealand. India and New Zealand will face off in the WTC Final at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton, starting June 18.

While Trent Boult and Tim Southee remain a challenge for righties, Agarkar believes facing Kyle Jamieson will be an entirely different threat to the Indian team’s batsmen due to his size. “There’s definitely a lot of variety. I mean, that’s because you’re looking at someone like Jamieson who’s a tall guy and will pose a different challenge. Boult and Southee will both be playing, a delivery to you. will arrive, a delivery will leave from you, as a right-hander, ”Agarkar said on Star Sports’ Game Plan.

“And then Wagner, when nothing’s going on, and you know, everything looks flat, he comes and does something and does it regularly. So the challenges are a little different,” he added. The former Indian coach also said conditions in England are more likely to favor New Zealand as the Kohli-led team haven’t had any cricket tests lately away from home.

“What also works in their favor is the condition, because you play in England, it’s almost like what you get in New Zealand. So that makes it a bit easier with this Dukes ball coming down. balance “, said Agarkar” The challenges are so many, especially as India has not had a test cricket lately, not an away test cricket since the Australia tour .

“Australian conditions are completely different. So that’s the biggest challenge. And that’s why I think preparations have to be key,” he added. Agarkar also highlighted what has been the strength of Team India over the last two years of the WTC cycle. The former Indian coach has shed light on instances where the team have come out brilliantly despite the lack of big names.

“Look at Australia (streak), they (India) lost that first test, fought 36 – losing host your first team players, be your best batsman in the ‘team, Virat Kohli, or your best bowler in the team, Mohammad Shami “said Agarkar” At the end of the series you had a Shardul Thakur, T Natarajan, Mohammad Siraj bowling for you, against an Australian team at fully fledged and you still managed to find a way to win in these situations.

“So the depth of this team – even though there wasn’t a lot of experience – the guys who came in had enough conviction that they could come forward. That’s the strength of India,” he added. Agarkar said Team India has always found ways to come out victorious even in critical situations.

“There have been some sticky situations. Outside of those two tests in New Zealand, in general, if you look at India’s records lately, they’ve always competed, if not won and found ways to win with them. different players, which has been their strength, ”he said. (ANI)

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