Xbox Creator Thought ‘It Was Over’ When Xbox One Launched

Seamus Blackley, one of the creators and designers of the Xbox, said he was concerned that “it would be over” when the Xbox One released in 2013.

Seamus Blackley, one of the creators and designers of the Xbox, feared the end of the brand when the Xbox One launched. The Xbox One was quickly and harshly criticized by gamers when it was first revealed. During its pre-E3 reveal event, Microsoft largely focused on entertainment features, TV programming (much of which was nothing in the long run), and featured very few games. While there were games at the Xbox One E3 event, all of them were overshadowed by a rather complicated DRM system, mandatory use of Kinect, and a $ 500 prize. It didn’t go well.

In December, Microsoft released a new 6-part Xbox documentary that reviewed the long history of the console. The documentary was pretty telling about the early days of the Xbox One being a low point for the brand, and established that the initial reveal was a total dud. Things eventually changed after Phil Spencer took over as head of Xbox, which resulted in things like Xbox Game Pass, backward compatibility, and massive acquisitions. That said, many were concerned that Xbox was pretty much a dead brand when Xbox One released.


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Xbox Creator Seamus Blackley tweeted that he was concerned that “It was finished“at the launch of the Xbox One. Surprisingly, the official Xbox The Twitter account echoed his sentiments in a response, demonstrating how the Xbox One launch is viewed as a failure. Needless to say, those were dark days for the brand and it’s pretty impressive that Microsoft was able to make a comeback. With news like Rainbow Six Extraction Coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, the platform is a platform that stands tall in today’s market.

It’s hard to imagine how the Xbox would have survived if it hadn’t been diverted from its original course. It’s possible that the original iteration of the console might have worked in runtime if people had had the chance to see it in action, but the world will never know. Microsoft has been working to try and fix issues that fans have been struggling with in the few months leading up to the Xbox One launch. One wonders how different the brand would have been if it had stayed with the vilified console in its original form.

Things like Xbox’s acquisition of huge studios like Bethesda might not have happened in this case, and Xbox Game Pass may never have come to fruition. It’s fascinating”what if“, and which would have had massive repercussions on the whole game. Xbox is here to stay and seems to have skillfully sailed through these quivering waters.

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Source: Seamus Blackley / Twitter, Xbox / Twitter

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