Xbox Game Pass title Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will add local co-op after launch

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance arrives on Xbox Game Pass later this month, bringing the Left for dead experience in fantastic surroundings. While you might be disappointed to learn that it will only be launching as an online adventure, the developers at Tuque Games have revealed that couch co-op is underway.

While the game supports 2-4 players online, the local co-op only supports two players once it is included. Players should expect to find it with the first batch of free DLC, due out later this summer.

The gaming community has been asking for it ever since it was revealed, and as the team noted, they’ve heard you out loud. So if you have been hesitant to play the game because you don’t have any online partners, you might not have to wait long before you can play with a friend or family member on the couch.

Are you excited to experience Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance? Let us know in the comments below.

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