Xbox Series X and Xbox One gamers can now download the classic game for free

All Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and even Xbox 360 gamers can currently download a classic 2001 game for free with no strings attached, although the download process is not very straightforward. It is not yet known how long this deal will be available, but for now, Ikaruga is free, without any conditions. That said, in order to download it, you will need to create an Xbox Live Argentina account. Fortunately, it costs nothing but time. Plus, once downloaded, you can play it on your standard account regardless of the region.

As for the game itself, it’s an Xbox 360 joint, but it’s playable on all Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles via backward compatibility. It debuted in 2001 – at an 88 on Metacritic – via Treasure as a spiritual sequel to Radiant Silver gun. In retrospect, it’s widely regarded as one of the best shoot’em ups of all time, a genre that isn’t very relevant anymore, but used to be one of the biggest genres in video games.

” Pull ! Dodge! and … Get Hit !? Ikaruga is a vertical shoot ’em up that features unique polarity shifting gameplay, “reads one of the game’s official pitch.” Reverse the ship’s polarity and “get hit and absorb” enemy bullets! Reach a high score with the chain bonus! “

As noted, it’s unclear how long this deal is available. At the time of publication it is still available, but as of the time of reading this the agreement may have expired.

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